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T Minus 9 House

If all goes as planned, then in a little more than nine hours I’ll no longer be a home owner. The closing for our house is at 8am. So there is only one more night (possibly two) in my home here in Clinton.

So tomorrow is a day of loading everything up and driving it across the state.

A lot of memories here. And it’s still a great, great place.

Get The Word Out

Is this a problem in your area?

Have you ever seen them first hand?

Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

So Addison and I were reading through the story of Joseph over the last few nights. It’s a really good story with examples of trusting God and how He is at work in our circumstances even when we don’t always see it.

One night we got to the point where Joseph was working in Potiphar’s house and was basically in control of mostly everything…mostly.

But then Potiphar’s wife starts coming onto Lil Joe. Now Addison’s Bible isn’t remedial, but it isn’t all bubbly pictures. And we got to the point where the woman kept telling Joseph, “Make love to me!” As soon as I read that part aloud, I started reading faster and thinking, “Don’t ask. Don’t ask. Don’t ask.”

Of course Addison stops me and asks, “What was she trying to get him to do?”

So now I’m stuck. She is not a girl who is easily brushed aside. So I had to be creative and truthful on the fly. I ended up explaining that Potiphar was not at home and that Potiphar’s wife wanted Joseph to sleep in her bed with her and act like her husband, when Joseph was not her husband.

I paused…waiting to see if that was good enough. I could see the wheels turning. And then she said, “Oh, okay.” And we kept reading.

How would you have answered that?

The Office

A quick tour…

The Weekend

So, yet another weekend is done for. Here’s a little of what took place:

  • Set up a new blog for a friend. Emily Witt is teaching school in Columbia and chasing after Jesus. Make sure you stop in and tell her hello and encourage her in her writing. You want her to write so you can read it. It’s good stuff.
  • Talked to a builder about a house he’s building in Oxford.  Building would be nice, but it would be at least a handful of months until we could move in. Ugh! We close on our Clinton house this Friday. So it’s time to start looking hard.
  • Got library cards in Oxford. So now we have a PO Box, bank account, and library cards. Are we citizens?
  • Got a membership at Blockbuster in Oxford. Later I’ll tell you how much I think I’m going to hate that Blockbuster.
  • Slept late twice. Got up early once.
  • Watched Mississippi State basketball stage an incredible last minute heroic comeback. Ben Hansbrough is the man. Totally. Oh, and Phil Turner too.  MSU has a decent shot at the Big Dance now. (Here is a nice article about Ben and his bro.)
  • Ate w/ the inlaw at Harvey’s. Not sure what I had, but it had steak, grits, onion rings, shrimp, and lots of BBQ sauce.
  • Drove to Oxford twice for church. Addison likes to go early and help with setup. Both services were good today. Got to meet some new people and reconnect with some old.

So, there it is. Now it’s time to go to bed… How was your weekend?

An Afternoon Conversation

I’m watching the MSU @ USC basketball game when my six year old asks me a question.

Her: Hey, Daddy? When it’s time for Mama’s baby to get here, is her belly going to bust open?
Me: No, her belly won’t bust open.
Her: So how does the baby come out?
Me: Um, it…. I’ll let you ask your mom…


Yes, I’ll be going to the Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. the Ole Miss Rebels basketball game in a little over an hour.

Hope it’s a good game for the visiting team.

What kind of answers are people looking for?

I’m not a guy who orders his week around watching e.r. But pretty much every time I watch it I like it. Here is a clip that brings up some pretty deep questions. And as a minister on staff at a church…are the people involved with our church asking similar questions?

Tell me what you think…

On The Square/Prayer Walking?

Sitting in my car on some bootleg wifi. I think it’s from some business or law firm around here. About to go to Small Group tonight. But the sky is looking sweet. It’s got a partly cloudy sky with the lights in the buildings on the Square starting to light up. I should get out and walk it some night soon. Maybe a nice walk all around town.

I remember seeing a suggestion of doing prayer walks around the community where you’re doing ministry. I’ve never been specific or intentional in doing them. But since reading that a few days ago, it’s been a little heavier on my heart. I remember hearing Mark Batterson said that he liked to do that, especially when launching a new venue for National Community Church.

Have any of you had experience in doing prayer walks (or runs…I know Louie Giglio has done this often at different college campuses he’s visited?

Why Oxford/Clinton is better than Clinton/Oxford.

I’ve had people ask me if I like one better than the other.  Because I like both places, I’ve had a few things in my mind about what was better about each place. To be very fair, neither place is better than the other. Both are great. And both are fantastic places to raise your kids and grow as a family. But both are quite different from each other. Well, it depends on what you’re talking about.

Why Oxford is better than Clinton:

  • There are more Mexican restaurants in Oxford. (Hard to believe for Clintonians I’m sure.)
  • There are a lot of really cool restaurants
  • Camp Lake Stephens is located here. This is where I was shaped in so many ways as a follower of Jesus. Also where I met my future wife.
  • The Square
  • Square Books
  • Closer to parents, but not too close.
  • More possibilities of celebrity sightings.
  • (A little) closer to Starkville and MSU ballgames.
  • Old South culture is unique.
  • Lots of free wifi in different places.
  • The Walmart actually has enough cashiers. It has self-check too.
  • A university which will be a great resource
  • Opportunity to see many great SEC teams play in town.
  • Lots of and lots of bands to come to town as well.
  • I worked here during my college summers.
  • An hour away from the Memphis Grizzlies.

Why Clinton is better than Oxford:

  • Real Estate is cheaper.
  • The students I worked with were quite awesome.
  • Free gym membership because The Wife worked at one.
  • Dairy Queen
  • I used a MacBook Pro in my office.
  • Had build some great friendships over the last three years.
  • There were two Targets w/in 25 minutes.
  • Jackson provided a lot of shopping/eating conveniences.
  • The city was laid out a little better I think.
  • Gas is about 10-15 cents cheaper per gallon.
  • The Arrows: they have amazing school spirit. (to be fair, not been around a lot of Chargers or Commodores yet)
  • Jonezetta

Admittedly this list might shift or change as the months go by. But I think both places are fantastic.

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