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Tonight should be COLD!


Off and on this high school football season I’ve been going to different games and taping them for a friend. He then compiles a lot of differnt game tape and sends them off to a recruiting service. They in turn cut them up and make tapes to send to college coaches.

On my end, I just tape them. And I help out a friend while getting to see some decent football teams. When I did the first one back in late August, it was hot and sticky. But as the months have gone on it has gotten colder. Last week @ Senatobia it was cool and damp. Then raining. Then raining sideways. Then just damp and cold.

Tonight’s forcast looks like this to the left. And I think that is without any wind chill factored in. So it’s a good thing I get to stand on top of a press box high up in the wind to get the best vantage point for videoing the game. My mom thinks I’m crazy. She said she wouldn’t do it for $500. I’d do it in shorts and a tshirt for $500.

What’s the coldest you’ve been? Did you lose any fingers? And what’s your best tip for staying warm out in the cold?



One response to Tonight should be COLD!

  1. Layers, layers, layers (including a hat and something around one’s neck)!