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Month: May 2009

Oh Friday Night Lights

I know I’ve spoken before here of my love for Friday Night Lights. I have said it was the best television show around. But all of that was before Season Three. Now that season three happened, I still maintain that truth. I think it’s even better than before. Season two had a bit of a hiccup where some wondered if it jumped the shark. And then the writers’ strike made it end abruptly. But Season three was plugging along nicely.

I kept searching for a podcast for FNL. Never could find one. I counted over thirty (no lie) for LOST. But not a one for FNL. Now LOST is a fantastic show too. It’s easily #2 for me, or even 1b, but I still thought FNL should have at least one. So I did what you do when you really want to see something happen on the net but it’s not happening: I made it happen.

So I created the FNLpodcast. Yep, I started my own podcast centered around Friday Night Lights. How lame cool is that? I know it’s not the greatest in the world. No where near what Jay and Jack do for LOST. But I started it when I didn’t know if FNL would be renewed or canceled. But I was pleasantly surprised when it was renewed for not just one but TWO seasons! Yes, there will be a season FOUR and FIVE!

But sadly the news came yesterday that NBC (while surprisingly cool for renewing FNL) is lame. They’re not going to run Season Four of Friday Night Lights until the summer of 2010. Yep, thirteen months from now. Sure, DirecTV will run it in the fall. But only about 15% of America has DirecTV.

So NBC continues to do what it can to make Friday Night Lights be unsuccessful it seems. If you’ve committed to TWO new seasons of a show that is critically aclaimed, why not try to get as many eyes on it as you can. NBC….you’re just being lame.

Star Trek, I mean Star Wars?

Both are good films. One I watched at a drive in leaning against the windshield of a car when I was three. The other I watched last Wednesday night at the local Malco theater after Community Group was cancelled. Who knew they were so similar? [Don’t watch if you haven’t seen either of them. It might give away a few plot points.]

And then this one is just for free. But it’s Cars meets Talladega Nights.

My 10K Documentary :: Double Decker 09

Last year I saw Kem Meyer’s video of her running a 5K in South Bend, IN. I was impressed at the video making capabilities. And the genius of her actually shooting video while running.

Well two weeks ago was the Double Decker 10K race here in Oxford, MS. I was grossly unprepared too. The hills would be my nemesis. And since I knew I wouldn’t be breaking any personal records I decided to make a video of it as well. Here it is.

Double Decker Run 09 from Blake Thompson on Vimeo.

Sunday Bullets

It’s time for the bullets:

  • I’m currently giving Benjamin Button a second shot. Didn’t finish it the first time. It was a slow starter for sure. But people tell me that if you give it a shot it will be really good.
  • The new dog likes to make lots of noise at night. My wife can’t wait out the crying, so she puts the dog in bed with us. That’s just trouble.
  • Went back to Amory today for Mother’s Day. It was good to see some family. But couldn’t get a milk shake at Dairy Kreme. Drat!
  • It’s rained every day for the last week it seems. Some hate it. I don’t mind it. But I do wish my yard would dry out.
  • MSU took two of three from Ole Miss this weekend. That’s right, the HUGE underdog upset the #7 team in the country.  Maybe this means better things are ahead. We’ll see.
  • This past Friday my wife and I celebrated our TENTH year anniversary. TEN years is a long time to me. And it makes me look in awe at marriages that are 40 and 50 years strong. I look forward to our 50th year.
  • Our church, The Orchard, moved from The Powerhouse to The AMP last week. Today was our 2nd Sunday in there. A near packed house again. Good energy. Good Biblical truths shared. I think we’re going to like it in there.
  • Graduation was yesterday at Ole Miss. That means the roads, restaurants, and WalMart will be less crowded starting this week and lasting the summer. Oh, and easier to find parking spaces!

That’s about it. Expect a cool video to be posted tomorrow!

Puppy Love

So there’s a new addition to the Thompson household. Yesterday my wife went to the gym for a quick workout. She called me before she got inside to tell me there is a lady giving away cute puppies in the parking lot and can we get one? She asked an impulsive question, and I responded with an impulsive “Yes!”

So she comes home w/ a puppy in a box. We were going to surprise the girls. They were sitting at the end of the driveway. So I walk out there with the box and ask them if the garbage man was coming today. They said no. I sigh and say I guess I’ll have to leave this box out by the road until the trash collector comes on Tuesday. Of course the wanted to look in the box. And they found this:


So we’ll see if this little cocker spaniel survives two very “hands on” little girls. He whined and cried off and on last night. For some reason my wife brought the dog home, but I was the one who took him out the most.

Funniest commercial ever? “At The Red House!”

I came across this commercial yesterday. And I’ve watched it more than a few times. But it absolutely the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. I thought it might be a funny hoax at first. But it’s legit. These guys that make funny vidoes started making local business commercials.

And after you watch it, you can watch the making of here:

And then the critical response:

Yeah, I know….

I don’t know what’s up with the blogging lately. Or what’s not up with it. I used to be the one who’d try to encourage people to blog. And even got a few people into it. But I’ve been a major slacker. I think it’d be easy to blame it on Twitter. And I’ve noticed that a bit more lately too. Some people who used to be really frequent bloggers have moved most of their online voice over to twitter. And I really like twitter. But didn’t expect to give it attention at the expense of blogging.

twitter-logoI guess sometimes when you have a quick thought in your head that would eventually morph into a blog post…if you zip that thought out to twitter through a text message or Tweetdeck, then you feel “done” with that thought. Or at least you look for conversation about that thought through twitter or Facebook (my tweets update my Facebook status…so feedback is there as well).

And this new twitter attention has taken some of the time away from regular blog reading too! But a couple of nights ago when the house was all quiet I looked back through some of my favorite blogs…and realized what I’d been missing. Yes, I like a 140 character glance into what someone is thinking/doing. I mean, who doesn’t want to know that Pat’s power is out again or that Will thinks that love for a Pizza Hut buffet knows no age boudaries. And it’s always interesting to know that Emily has a cold and is going to be early or that Shaq is sending a message to Brett Farve. I like those things. I really do.

But in my return to reading some blogs, I realized there’s so much more to read than just 140 characters. And I want to return to it. [But of course follow me on twitter as well: @statedog.]