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To cut to the chase is that I’m wanting to make some changes in how/what I eat and how I exercise. I’ve been slacking in both of those areas. But I decided to invite a few friends to to make some changes as well. And in doing so the idea of a “Challenge“. I don’t know what to call it exactly. I hesitate to call it a weight loss challenge because it is so much more than just dropping a few pounds. But it’s about being healthier (which dropping fat (but adding muscle)) is a big part.

So there are currently eight of us who are going to undertake “The Challenge“. We’ll do weekly weigh-ins. Record the results in a handy spreadsheet. Hopefully post some pictures with progress along the way. And hopefully have some input from contestants along the way about how things are going and the methods they are using. Then after three months whoever has lost the most percentage of their starting weight will be crowned “THE WINNER”!

The payoff? As an entry fee for The Challenge everyone will send me a $10 gift certificate to After The Challenge is over I will in turn send all the codes for the certificates to the winner. Then they can buy whatever they like from Amazon.

Sound fun? Think you might want in on the action? Then contact me. You can join at any time, just know the end date will be the same (probably June 18th) so you’ll have a little less time.


  1. Be reasonable about it, please. πŸ™‚

  2. Of course. That's the whole point. I've not been eating or moving around reasonably.

    Time to start.

  3. Good luck Blake! I have been doing P90X for the past two months and have 1 month left. I has been an awesome experience and I am surprised by the difference it has made!

    • I've heard lots of good things about P90X. But heard it took up quite a bit of time too. Plus the DVD's were sorta expensive. I might try to find a friend nearby to borrow them from.
      My recent post Up for THE CHALLENGE?

  4. I wish you the best of luck. It sounds like a great challenge. I look forward to seeing updates on your progress!
    My recent post Finally Barefooting!

    • Thanks, Lisa. This is the first week. I need to get an actual plan together about what to eat!

  5. I'm in. Go on and fork it over, buddy. πŸ™‚

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