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My Year with Twitter

Twitter is interesting. I signed up and didn’t get it at first. I posted maybe once every 2 months. But then once I moved to Oxford I started really getting into the swing of it. It helps when you have people you know in “real life” using it as well. So when Pat (@tapdraw) started using it too, we both seemed to explode with it. If you don’t twitter yet, you should. It’s easy. Fun. Informative. And makes you cooler (right?)
Anyhow, I saw Pat did this, so I figured I’d give it a try. But it was really hard to cull down my twitter posts from 2008. So I’ll not put them all on the first page. But here are some highlights of my Twitter posts from 2008 [taken from about 34 pages of twitters (or 717 updates)].
  • Celebrating the win by the Miss State Bulldogs! Now we get to face Memphis
  • Just paid a WHOLE LOT for a tranmission rebuild. Ouch!
  • meeting up w/ the Goolsby’s in Oxpatch today. Should be fun!
  • PowerHouse, Proud Larry’s, Hollie’s Sweet Tooth, Square Books Jr, The Clay Canvas, and Avent Park! What a full day!
  • @boomama, think Jamont comes back? I think he should. Both for himself and my selfish desires.
  • Tis an overcast day. But one with lots of promise. Listening to Kidd Kraddick while I drive
  • American Idols all singing Shout To The Lord? By Hillsong. Interesting
  • @tapdraw No need to make fun. You’re drinking the KoolAid… Nice picture by the way @tapdraw D is in. Lyle seems to be in a minor resistance, but he will cave.
  • Almost bought a car. Got sacred of all the radiator fluid scattered everywhere under the hood.
  • Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. CAN’T LOSE!
  • Grocery shopping at WalMart with all 3 kids. What an experience.
  • Looking over tomorrow’s sermon. Looking for it to stick in my head. Then come out quite smoothly in the moring
  • Heading to Domino’s. Then to Small Group. I ate a whole medium pizza yesterday. Did i learn my lesson?
  • Sitting on the porch at Square Books is a peaceful place (unless a big backhoe rumbles down the street)
  • Looking at a possible house to buy. Looks nice. We’ll see. Might look at another too. I need a lottery.
  • I fine myself looking at my watch wishing LOST would last longer. It is intense tonight. Ben is BAD!
  • Just finished editing and publishing our first podcast here in Oxford.
  • Lunch at Ajax Diner. Always good. I can hear my arteries already screaming at me. But i block them out! Meatloaf?
  • Out of deodarant. Had to use The Wife’s. Smells like Sweet Pea and Violet. How manly! Headed to Proud Larry’s for lunch with some Clintonians! Good times on the Oxford Square.
  • Time to get my LOST on
  • Tornados all around now. Sirens and trees falling. Crazy lightning.
  • Driving from new albany to Oxford. Tons me huge trees uprooted and tossed around along hwy 30. Esp in Enterprise.
  • @tapdraw HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • About to eat some meatloaf at Ajax Diner.
  • Crazy tornadoes coming through the area again. Tupelo has some damage and it’s stormy all around. Pontotoc county too.
  • Kicking it back easy tonight. Going to take The Wife out for a date. Been married 9 years today!
  • Looks like we found a house. Now it’s all paperwork to be done. Sweet!!
  • Crazy tornadoes looking like they’ll be all around again in North Mississippi tonight. Crap!
  • Sometimes babies are really cute. Sometimes they scream and it feels like an icepick in your ear!
  • Joey Beachum from Mississippi State just won the Jeopardy College Tournament! Woo Hoo!
  • Why don’t my kids realize you’re supposed to sleep late on Saturdays?
  • I think i just finished the last paperwork to buy the house. Now we wait for everything to get put together. It cant be too soon
  • About to have church in Amory for the first time in years. Will speak at the grad lunch in a matter me hours too. That was me 16 years ago.
  • Daughter still has a 101 fever. Doc said it was contageous. That means we get to do this a few more times. Awesome!
  • Sitting on The Square in Oxford. Watching the traffic go round the Courthouse. Sunny. Waiting on my boy to finish eating his lunch.
  • At the Ghettro Mall in Jackson. South Jackson is fun if you have your glock. Eating at El Sombrero in Clinton for the first time in months. But there’s a raucous lingere party going on here too.
  • Starting to get packing. Supposed to buy a home in 2 days. Then gotta move
  • Just spent my first night in my new house. Now it’s time for a SHORT drive to church instead of a 40 min drive.
  • Trying to make another round with cleaning out the garage of boxes. I want to keep everything. The Wife wants to throw everything away.
  • I was outside Square Books putting up a poster and a man stopped me to ask if there were any restaurants nearby. Must have been a visitor.
  • Eating a bowl of ice cream at my kitchen table. Listening to The Postal Service. Life is good.
  • Pat has a new iphone. Color me jealous. Will i get one sometime?
  • Good to be home. My bed was awesome! But i really miss that pool and beach outside my back door. And there were no flies there.
  • Eat drink and be merry. For tomorrow we diet.
  • Getting gas for 3.64 a gallon in Pontotoc. Lowest I’ve seen in a long while anywhere.
  • When i watch movies set in England it makes me want to spend time there. Bourne is the worst.
  • This weather is crazy. High of only 83. Seems the temp is coming down like the gas prices.
  • preparing for sunday’s sermon and it’s raining like mad outside. i don’t mind. vanilla coke is keeping me company
  • Why does my wife rent movies that are not good over and over and over and over and over and over again?
  • I have found my new favorite music artist. OWL CITY. Simply Amazing. Anyone else like him?
  • The girl at the TacoBell drive thru had her name tattooed across her neck. Quite strange. I’d never heard of Bristol Palin 5 days ago. Now her and baby news have been all over the place the last day. I feel sorry for her right now
  • Things on the Oxford square are def hopping tonight. First week of classes & game day weekend = mucho beer & cigs on the Square.
  • Is there a gas craze again? A station here with 3.54 a gal had about 20 cars waiting in line. One had 3.99. I’m getting 3.64 now.
  • Weedeating and The Violent Femmes. What a brilliant combination!
  • Sitting in my hotel lobby because I can’t get into any hotel room. The manager is supposed to be here in a few minutes. Maybe I’ll get in?
  • The Tonight Show and David Letterman come on too late here in the EST. Not sure I’d ever get used to it.
  • #innovate08 If we are pursing things that arent’ bad, but not what God made us for…it is sin. It is poop. @shawnwood
  • @robwegner is a passionate teacher. “most people in churches would have a different answer than Jesus on ‘what is the gospel?'”
  • @robwegner said “We decided we’d rather be 30’ deep in 3 places than 3inches deep in 30 places” #innovate08
  • Just watched Notre Dame Men’s soccer team the St. John’s 0-0 after dbl OT. ND is #3 in the country.
  • Holy Cow! McCain is asking for the Friday night debate to be postponed! Oxford will go nuts if that happens.
  • I wonder what McCain’s aproval rating is in Oxford, MS right now? This possible debate cancellation might hurt him
  • There comes a point in time when a baby is screaming in the car seat where you either cease to hear it or it is in your head.
  • The turkey and cheddar croissant is wearing off. It was good while it lasted though. Time to restock my belly. @tapdraw is a lame punk.
  • Gas is falling all over Mississippi except for a few places. Oxford is one of those. It’s 2.85 in Hattiesburg. 3.49 here!
  • I’m riding around with 2 Chinese guys. Not sure they know how to drive. I’m in the back. Looks like we’re headed to B atesville. Now turn
  • Saw Snatch the other night. Maybe one me the better movies I’ve seen in a while if not for all the British cussing.
  • Eating ice cream in my backyard while the kids play on the fort I put together.
  • Time to go get FAMILY FLU SHOTS! Should be a fun day. Three kids w/ shots.
  • Headed to Amory. Still recovering from having to watch Another Cinderella Story with my wife last night.
  • Tahoe sales drive? Some middle easterners coming from Alabama to look/buy this evening. Hope for sale!
  • Should middle school children hanging out in High Point Coffee be outlawed? I’m think my vote is “AYE!”
  • I think VIMEO is better than YOUTUBE. But YOUTUBE has lots more visits/viewers. But I love
  • Friday Night Lights is like crack. [not that I’ve ever had crack]
  • I’m giving my 7month old boy steroids. He’s sleeping now. Will this disqualify him from the 2012 Summer Olympics?
  • Disney On Ice begins in FIVE minutes. But no one seems excited. Me either.
  • I wanted to vote Coach Eric Taylor for president today. And Tami Taylor for VPrez.
  • Had to pull over once and throw up twice on the way home from work today. But all is well now.
  • Changing out of my Clinton First Methodist Church clothes and into my The Orchard Oxford evening service clothes.
  • Four years ago today I watched my wife give birth to my 2nd daughter in the passenger seat of our Ford Explorer. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA!
  • I’m realizing one of the greatest things about Fantasy Football is the fellowship during the draft and camaraderie the playoff teams.
  • I went to the bathroom. Came out and my 7yo girl was putting the dining room table together. I shoulda stayed in there longer.
  • Turkey is now in the bag. In the pan. And in the oven. Now we pray it turns out well.
  • Going to the Egg Bowl the day after T’giving is much better than going to a mall.
  • Jack just gave the Sonic Drive Of The Game… And it was his drive from Ox to Tupelo. You could tell he was smiling when he said it.
  • Hey @stephenbond Croom already resigned today. Get with the times, mi amigo. There is rejoicing in Starkville.
  • Taking my oldest daughter out for a lunch date. She thinks she wants some lobster bisque!
  • I love to eat at Ajax. But I always regret it afterwards. Oh meatloaf … you hate me.
  • Welcome Dan Mullen, new head coach at Mississippi State University. And go Gators in the next game.
  • I am never good at telling people what I want for Christmas because it is always either candy or expensive electronic stuff.
  • Trying to explain the Trinity to a four year old is pretty much impossible.
  • Xmas eve morning, Headed to Walmart, and it’s 66 degrees. So many things not right with that statement. But i’m excited.
  • Rainy day in Amory. Driving my son around so he falls asleep. Lots of memories around this place. Good milkshakes too.
  • I woke up @ 7am with the girls arguing in their room.After a stern talk I’m going back 2 bed w/ them awaiting my go ahead to get up!
  • Just finished half a day with Jack Bauer in Season 4.

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  1. An annual Twitter list might be handy to have — lots easier than keeping all of those old desk calendars. Since watching many courtroom dramas as a child, I have been concerned with the possibility of being called to a witness stand and being asked, “Ms. G, would you please tell the court of your whereabouts on the night of January 57th?” I don’t know what I did on a certain date even a week ago much less a year or two ago; thus, the old calendars. I know; I’m odd that way (and other ways).

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