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And …. we’re back … in Greenville, SC

Seems Carlos is taking a blogatical these days. So since he left I’m back. There wasn’t a planned reason for me to be gone. I thought many times “today I should definitely blog again” but didn’t. Not sure why. But I’m back in the saddle. And I could throw out a few more cliches, but sufice to say I intend to tear it up.

Right now I’m sitting at Spill The Beans in Greenville, SC. Flew up here today for a weekend of meeting with the staff of Grace Church and seeing how their staff is structured. We’d met Matt Williams, the Teaching Pastor and planter of Grace Church a few months ago. He was intriguing as was his story about his church. So @willrambo and @rickpike and I are going to be experiencing their weekend worship service, their “new member” class, and some one on one time with various staff members to look behind the curtain and ask some probing questions.

I’m looking forward to seeing how their church leadership strategy is structured and also how their small group ministry is structured. And a peek at their youth ministry events is going to happen too.

So…Greenville, SC. Here we are.

The New Baby

Sunday night while I was at a Super Bowl party with some folks from church, Sarah was getting ready to have her daughter over in Tupelo. And before we knew it, Sawyer Belle Ward was born. A huge congratulations to Pat and Sarah. I think they’re actually returning home right now after a couple of nights in the hospital.

But my daughters were staying with my mom for a few days. And they were asking lots of questions about the baby and if she’d be born yet. My mom was looking on Pat’s blog to see if there was any update there. Alas, he’d not updated there yet eschewing for the other technologies of Twitter and Facebook. But my mom did find this picture on Pat’s TwitPic page. My mom called the girls over and said, “Look, this must be Pat & Sarah’s new baby…”


Ella, my four year old, stared at it for about two minutes. Looking hard at the picture. Then she said, “It doesn’t look much like Sarah, but it’s a cute baby I guess.”

From the Bush twins to the Obama girls

For all the conflict and tension that seems to occur in politics. For all the finger pointing and name calling. And of course the blame game and mud slinging. It makes me sigh a gentle breath when I see two young women writing such a letter to two young girls whose lives have just radically changed. This is cool.

Andy Stanley praying for the new POTUS

How did I miss this? But Andy Stanley was the guy who prayed at the Inaugural Prayer Service. He took some of Prez Washington’s service from 1789. Pretty interesting.


And of course we know that Rick Warren prayed just before the swearing in. What’s your take on “famous” preachers being called upon to pray like this. I would think it an honor probably, whether you line up parallel with the POTUS or not. But I know that some people think it’s on the lame side. What’s your take?

Dreaming about the Jones Soda

So two nights ago I had a dream. I was at this place where a friend worked. I could tell it was that place in my dream, though it really didn’t match it in real life (if that makes any sense…as much as dreams don’t make sense anyhow.) I was carrying around this backpack jammed with stuff. Some stuff was needed, some stuff was just heavy and I didn’t need anytime soon. My friend was there and about to go somewhere. I was going to go with him. But my pack was heavy.

jones-soda-green-appleSo I started taking stuff out of it. The heavy stuff at least. I removed probably about three things from it. And there was some clinking around in there. My friend asks, “What is that?” So I pull out a bottle of Jones Soda that had been rolling around in some coins that were down in my pack. It’s the Green Apple flavor. I’d opened it already and drank some, but most of it was still there.

My friend says, “Hey, that’s good stuff. I like that!” I meant to give him some. But he got busy with something and I got thirsty so I drank the rest before he got any. Random, right?

Well yesterday I was in WalMart and see my friend. I tell him, “Hey, I had a dream with you in it last night.” He gives the compulsory “Oh, that scares me” reply that people usually do. He asked what it was about. But I ask him, “Do you like Jones Soda?” He said that he sure did. And my next question was going to be how did he like the flavor green apple when he speaks up and says, “Green Apple is my favorite flavor of it…” I told him that’s what he said in my dream.

Strange, huh?

Have you had any weird dream experiences like that lately?

Post Election Thoughts

Last night the result that pretty much everyone expected to happen happened. But here are some thoughts of mine about it all.

  • No matter who you voted for, you have to recognize the historical significance of the election.
  • I don’t understand why we have the electoral college system. I mean, people call this a landslide victory, but Obama won about 53% of the popular vote. Even with Reagan’s landslide victory in 1984 (525 to 13), he still only got 58.8% of the popular vote. That’s a messed up system.
  • I kept watching Facebook status updates last night. They made me laugh
  • They ranged from “I’m moving to Canada” to “I’m quitting to work to get free money” to “Now our country is in the right hands” to “I’ve waited for this all my life”.
  • Some people got really nasty in their comments on Facebook.
  • Someone told me I shouldn’t be laughing because God isn’t laughing about it.
  • But I think that I should trust in God much more than who has or is going to be living on Pennsylvania Ave in D.C.
  • The President is just ONE MAN. Lots of people thought Bush was a screwup. But he alone didn’t ruin the country. Nor will this man ruin it or save it on his own.
  • I’m still amazed by people who voted either for or against him because of his race. And I think there were plenty on both sides.
  • McCain is a great American. His speech last night earned him the respect of tons of people.
  • Someone was shooting fireworks off in my neighborhood last night.
  • In the end, I’m going to seek God’s Kingdom first no matter who is President.
  • And I believe followers of Jesus are called to pray for their leaders.
  • And for the record, I didn’t vote for either of the two main guys…

Domino’s Election Results

The other night I ordered pizza online at Domino’s. I love it that way. Order online, pay for it, and then either have it delivered or pick it up quickly. So smart and sweet. There’s even a status bar to show you the progress of preparing it, cooking it, and boxing it up.

But last night when I placed my order they had some extra questions for me. And from those questions they gave me their Saturday results on how people were answering election based questions. So as you can see below, if Tuesday’s presidential election was decided by people ordering pizza online from Domino’s on Saturday, November 1…Barak Obama would have a substantial victory.

We’ll see…

[also, is anyone surprised to see the Philly Cheese Steak leading the country too?]

Leading the change

I have been a subscriber of Relevant Magazine for about the last five or so years. It is a magazine aimed at Christian 20/30 somethings, but is not overly cheesy or cliche. I really like it. And I like their website a lot too. There’s new stuff up every day and they have great new music to find too (along with some older favorites). But the editor/publisher, Cameron Strang, has been sort of in the public light recently because of his acceptence and then decline of an invitation to pray at the DNC. He covers that quite effectively here.

But his First Word column in the magazine is usually a well thought out perspective on some important issues. The column in the Sept/Oct issue is a real thought provoker I believe. You can read the entire article here, but I’ll include a few quotes below as well. Let me know what you think.

I’m someone who tries to think independently and objectively, rather than simply follow what the pundits tell me to think. Because of that, I’ve realized I cannot fully embrace either political party. Both sides of the aisle have some great ideas and goals. But both also have areas where they simply get it wrong…


The problem is, many Christians vote these convictions, but that’s largely where their personal involvement in the issues stops. Are the government leaders we vote for meant to do our job for us?


I’ve heard that only 5 percent of people who attend church regularly actually serve in any way. I’ve read that if every Christian in America actually tithed 10 percent of their income, we would have enough financial resources to wipe out global poverty.

There’s more power lying dormant in pews around the nation than any government could hope to provide, and that’s where our focus should be.


If you have a passion for an issue, rather than judging someone who doesn’t share that passion or viewpoint, just go do something about it. Give your life to it. Be the change you want to see.

It’s not up to Washington, it’s up to us—and I say it’s time we step up and lead the charge. But that means with our lives, our finances and our actions every day. Not just Nov. 4.

Video From Innovate 08

Here is just some random stuff. Video isn’t too bad. But the audio is pretty horrible. The little mic in my camera didn’t like the DEEP bass of the speakers.

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