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Like I was saying....

Two Fillings. Same side

I get a call today from the office of my dentist friend. “Mr. Thompson, we have had a cancellation and Mr. Dentist wondered if you wanted to come in for a teeth cleaning?”  Sure. Why not?

But then they discover that I need a little more work. TWO FILLINGS. Both right side of my mouth. Top and Bottom. Now I feel like Mr Clump or whatever his name is.

Hopefully I’ll feel normal by in the morning.

The good news is I might have a little work to be done on the other side next week. Lucky me!


  1. Whaaaaaat? What happened to your perfect teeth?

  2. i’m pretty sure Mr. Dentist is quite liberal in his cavity deeming.

  3. I’m not sure I like the dentist too much, or rather he doesn’t like me? 🙂 8-10 fillings already and only 18. It’s a shame.

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