Like I was saying....

A little birthday money

So after Wednesday’s big event (I had a birthday) I was able to accumulate a little bit of money. So now I have a decision to make. Do I want to go with the masses and grab a nice Video iPod or the new Zen Vision:M.

I think they’re both good choices, actually. The Zen has a better screen and better battery life. Has an FM Radio and voice recorder with it. And supports many more audio/video formats. But the iPod is king of the heap. Many, many more accessories, tight integration with iTunes for both audio and video content, and takes out the middle man for podcasts from iTunes.

I think the iPod is a win/win situation most likely. But the Zen could have a higher upside eventually, or could be a bust. I went with the Zen Micro for my smaller player. I didn’t regret it much. Now and then I did wish for iPod accessories and iTunes integration though.

Might make a trip to Circuit City tomorrow. But I’ve been missing my music in the car and podcasts I’d listen to in bed at night….


  1. rick

    i chose iPod – no regrets. i love it – with me everywhere, and i’m addicted to adding stuff, ripping old CDs. way cool.

  2. Blake

    I’m still on the fence. I think I might be leaning towards iPod since they seem to have the most accessories available. But one could accuse me of being a slave to style too. I just want functionality and adaptability.

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