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Well, this is where I’m supposed to tell you all about me. But I’ve never been one who talks a lot about himself. But I’m a Mississippi guy, been here pretty much all my life except for one summer in Arkansas (and man do I love Mississippi after that.) After growing up in Amory, MS and then graduating from Mississippi State University I went into full time student ministry with churches in Amory and Clinton. But at the beginning of 2008 I assumed a new position as Community Life Pastor at The Orchard in Oxford, MS. Yes, Oxford. Home of the Ole Miss Rebels. AKA main rival of my beloved MSU Bulldogs.

I married an amazing girl back in 1999 and we’ve been blessed with two amazing, crazy cool little girls that do their best to keep me on my toes. Then we had a little boy. He is two and ALL BOY. He like to throw things.


  1. Terri Casey

    Please contact me about a meeting with Scott Hodge. Thanks!

  2. Chris

    Hey Blake –

    I saw you on Flickr. Responded to your question about D40. Tried to send Flickr mail but I have “reached my limit; please upgrade” situation.

    Send me some mail, I just bought the 40d and absolutely LOVE it.

    By the way, I went to U of Arkansas and didn’t appreciate that little sly hint about the year you lived in Arkansas.. haha

    Mississippi is the only thing worse as far as I can tell. But Oxford is a heck of a town.


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