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Accountability Questions

Here are some good questions to ask yourself now and then. I found then stuck away in my Bible from a meeting. But I realize I need to look over these very frequently. And these are good to share with a friend as well.

  • How is your prayer life?
  • How is your personal Bible study, scripture memory?
  • How is your obedience? Following Jesus closely; any sin you love more than GOD?
  • How is your LOVE life? Pure; loving others in Jesus’ name?
  • How is your character? Is the Holy Spirit evident? Are you tired – or resting in Him?
  • How is your lifestyle evangelism? Told any about Christ lately? Would they believe you?
  • Counted the cost of commitment to follow Jesus? Is Jesus first in all relationships; above all and in all? is Christ more important that your possessions?: Are your personal goals under his Lordship?

Are there any you think need to be added?


  1. Rick

    Add this one, just to be safe:
    “Do I try to do too much by my checklist, or am I letting God grow me and sanctify me by grace, too?”

    🙂 Just saying.

  2. Blake

    Rick, I see what you mean. And in no way do I think this list should be a legalistic set of questions. But some that can help you gauge where your heart is at the moment. Grace is, well, amazing.

  3. Rick

    I know 🙂 – I’m usually leaning the other way, but know the value (I hope) of just self-checking to stay on the path. Good list.

  4. canudigit

    Yep. Good list.

  5. Steve

    Thanks for posting thought provoking stuff, Blake.

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