Tonight was the Super Bowl Party. We had lots of soft drinks, lots of candy, too much pizza, and some fans. Obviously most of the people were for the Colts. I guess the Peyton Manning thing and him being from the South and all (didn’t Grossman go to UF?) But there were a few Chicago fans who kept everyone honest

But the real action was on the Ping Pong table. We had one donated to us a couple of weeks back. I thought it’d get a little use, but ignored by most people. But boy was I wrong. There are people around it constantly. And I’ve been playing really well too. But tonight I suffered my first defeat tonight.

We put on a tournament. Twenty Four people were in it. Some good, some not quite as good. But good fun all around. But I got put out in the semi-finals by a dark horse favorite. I’d had only 3 points scored against me in the first three games! I mean, c’mon! But I fell 21-18. It stung a little, but it was fun.

Then Around The World was the group ping pong activity of the night.

And oh yeah, the Colts won!