Back from Colorado. It was one of the best snow conditions I’ve ever experienced on a ski trip. Lots of good snow just before we got there and the first 2 days of skiing we were dumped on even more. The only thing someone might could complain about is that the temperatures were absolutely freezing. Or below freezing. In the mornings, the windchill was actually below ZERO!

I skiied like an experienced skier. But my skill level was let down by my legs. For some reason my thighs would burn like liquid fire after a while. And I even tried to do some exercises a while before I went on the trip. I didn’t attempt to snowboard again. Though I was humbled. There were people who tried it w/ no lesson and got the hang of it quite well. Now I want to do it again, but don’t want to waste any time.

Our nightly church meetings were great. Greg Taylor was our “speaker” and brought God’s word to us quite effectively. The rooms were good, as expected. The kids were fantastic. No problems. No over the top crankiness. No disrespect. No complaints. Everyone got along really well.

All in all, a fantastic trip to Copper Mountain, Colorado. I would definately do it again. Might look at another mountain, but it’d have to be a great deal to sway me from Copper.