Like I was saying....

Back in Oxford

After burning up the roads a little this past week/weekend I’m back in Oxford living out of my big Nike bag. I’m amazed at what all I can fit in there. But I really don’t mind living out of it. It’s not ideal, of course. But it’s where I am right now.

I pack it up each morning and usually don’t know til late afternoon or early evening where I’ll be unpacking it for the night. I guess there’s a sense of adventure to it all that way, huh?

But I think we’ve found a buyer for our house. Signed contract and all. There are a few things that a handy man needs to straighten up on the house before it is all said and done, but it is so amazing to be able to say we’ve got a bona fide buyer.

School is starting back up here at the University. So it should make things more interesting around town and campus. There were definitely more college students at church last night. Restaurants will be more crowded and traffic more clogged. But I look forward to it as well. It’s part of the character of the town. Yes, it’s Red and Blue. But that’s okay

I did get to go to Starkville on Saturday with The Fam. Got go to see a MSU basketball game. Man, I miss being able to see every home game. We won, but played pretty sloppy. But a win is a win.


  1. g

    I hope y’all enjoy Oxford as much as I’ve always thought I would enjoy living there. It is an interesting city (as many old university towns are) but, in my opinion, there is something special about Oxford.

    Congratulations on the contract!

  2. Jenny

    This is good to hear.

  3. debbie harris

    congratulation on the baby boy.

    i know he will make a great rebel (lol)

    very happy for all of you.

    take care

    debbie harris

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