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Big Week For The Bulldogs

My wife will make fun of me for this because she says this is just about the same statement I make for about half of the games Mississippi State plays. But I’ll make it anyway: this ballgame tomorrow night against Auburn at home on ESPN is…..wait for it….HUGE!

But it’s true. To be plain about things, MSU has been quite a distance from a “good football team” for quite a while. Heck, we’ve not even gotten very close to average. Yeah, we did make it to a bowl game (and a win) back in 2007. And there was some hope that we were better than just okay. But then Croom showed his real skills the next season and got canned.

Last year we showed improvement over the year. And ended on a big high note after giving Ole Miss all they could handle (and more). But I knew not to get overly optimistic based on one game. But during the spring, and the summer, and fall practice the attitude of the players and staff still seemed to be trending upwards. I found myself getting cautiously optimistic.

But then last week happened. We killed Memphis. We scored 49 on them. Could have put up more. It was awesome. I know, I know…it was just Memphis. Who couldn’t beat Memphis? But here’s the thing. I think MSU teams of the past would have beaten Memphis. But something like 17-10 instead of 49-7. I’ve had people ask me, “Are yall that good, or is Memphis that bad?” Great question. Answer is probably a little of both.

We’re much improved. But we don’t have to wait long to really put it to a test. Tomorrow night Auburn comes to town. Last time they visited they only beat State by one point. Or you could say they almost doubled our score. Either way, it was 3-2. But I expect many, many more points to be scored at Scott Field tomorrow night. All eyes will be on Starkville. No better chance for Mississippi State to prove themselves now worthy.

I know they can. I hope they do. I’ll be there to watch.

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  1. Katie Crenshaw

    I'm so nervous.

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