Like I was saying....

Books I'm GOING to read

I have a lot of books. I have a habit of seeing books I want to get, buying them and reading the first third or half or whatever, and then putting it down, picking up another and then never going back to the previous book. So here’s a list of books I already own. I don’t need to go to Amazon or LifeWay or wherever and browse for the newest book with fantastic reviews. I need to start w/ what I already have and plow through them!

The Divine Conspiracy
Radical Reformission
Seven Practices of Effective Ministry
Podcasting For Dummies
Naked Conversations
The God Bearing Life 

All of those after the Bible, of course. I’m also going to dive into The Da Vinci Code since it is getting so much hype and the movie comes out next month. I remember reading Dan Kimball’s take on Da Vinci vs. Narnia and the effect it can have on conversations. So I want to know a little before hand.


  1. Ben Gray

    Heh. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has trouble finishing books. It’s not that they’re uninteresting to me, it’s that I’ve probably got ADD.

  2. Blake

    Yeah. I’m pretty sure I’ve got some sort of ADD going. Sometimes I think it’s even a spiritual ADD. I can be so focused at times. And other times I’m all over the place with all I’m trying to pay attention too that nothing gets much focus.

    Also, for some reason the books I’m currently going to try to plow through didn’t make the blog, but I had to edit it and it’s up now!

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