Well, Christmas is over. It came in fast, then got laid back.

After the blitz of the North Mississippi Family Tour, we came back to a quiet home and not much planned. We hit my dads, my moms, my grandmom’s, Bev’s parents, and a few stores/malls inbetween. We got more than we needed, a lot of what we could use, and things that I’m looking at thinking regift. But it was good to see people and let them see us too. Also good to read the familar news papers and see the old newscasts we’d been so used too.

We left late Friday night and drove through the night. Of course we had to take a drive through the Mississippi State campus. It was dark and empty. And the construction put us at a few dead ends. But it was good stuff.

Christmas Eve was church services and Domino’s Pizza. We have no family traditions so I think take out pizza on Christmas Eve will be our new one. That and breakfast for lunch on Christmas Day. We had pizza 2 years ago when Addie was really sick one Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day was church again. Yes, I went to one of those churches that actually met on Christmas Day. I think most churches did. But the few that didn’t got the headlines. It was fine by me either way. Working at a church made the idea sort of appealing.

But after some down time, tomorrow starts another blitz. BreakThru lasts until Saturday. Sunday we drop off the eldest child with the grandmothers, then Monday head to Nashville for Passion. Should all be quite fun, but busy none the less. Actually plan to try to blog from Passion. We’ll see how the hotel rooms shake out…