I should be sleeping.

I went to sleep earlier than I ever have since I was a teenager last night, I think. Nine:fifteen. How’s that? Not really tired anymore, but a little stiff. After Driving for what seemed like 18 hours in a 36 hour time span when you consider traffic jams and wrong turns PLUS almost no sleep at all, I was a worn out boy when I got home finally from Destination X. After a Costa Rica meeting, a shower, then supper at The Hat, I went to sleep at 9:15. Probably the earliest I’ve gone to bed in 7 years or so.

Anyhoo…Destination X was a blast. Great travels, good traffic jams, fun times at Six Flags (Speed Pass rocks! Tweaking the Speed Pass system rocks even harder!!), driving around Dallas not knowing where in God’s world you are, …then Group Dynamix. It boasts the country’s largest indoor ropes course. After some warm up games and pizza, we hit the upper levels.

I was a bit surprised at the freedoms they gave us. But most everyone tried something and almost everyone did most things. I have pictures that I’ll put up on here really soon. But this was designed for a lock in, so after a time of worship and a short challenge at 2am, the inflatables were inflated and soccer, basketball, jousting, ping-pong and just about whatever else ensued. Along with movies on mega-giant-humongous beanbags. I think the average ammount of sleep gotten was probably about 2.3 hours. Some got none. Some got more. But everyone’s attitude was still good despite the lack of sleep.

It was a great trip. 39 of us in 2 vehicles. My hope is that we built some more community and will continue to build upon that. God was good to us. No one was hurt except Whit who fell because he made us all late because he wanted one more Six Flags ride.