Like I was saying....

Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Today was another busy Sunday…and we’re halfway there.

This morning was Baccalaureate Sunday. That means that I get to preach in “big church”. It happens like once a year. So this morning I spoke on “The Revealed Will of God”. So often it seems like we try to ask God what we should do about this or that. Who should we marry or where to go to school or what sort of job….but we overlook the things that He’s pretty obvious about in the Bible. It tells us a few places “This here is God’s will…” or “This is what God wants and expects of us…”

Here were a few things I mentioned: He wants us to have fellowship w/ Him. He wants us to be filled w/ Him instead of worldly things. He wants us to honor Him w/ our bodies. And he wants us to be willing to suffer (as He suffered.) Also to be joyful always, pray continually, and give thanks in all things…

I think it went well…and I think that I, of all people, need to take those words to heart.


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    Don’t we all?

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    Btw, does this mean another NummaWonSon podcast?

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