Like I was saying....

Feast #112

Friday’s Feast

Measured in minutes or hours, how much exercise have you had in the last week?

Oooh, sadly, probably about 1.5.

If you had to change your blog title to something else, what would it be?

“Monkey Cheese”

Name one television show you watched when you were 9-12 years old.

Knight Rider

Main Course
If someone gave you $50 to spend with the one condition that it had to be educational, what would you purchase?

Educational can be a broad stroke, but I’d probably get some books for my daughter as she’s jumping into home schooling.

Do you tend to prefer dark colors, neutral shades, or lighter/pastel hues?
I like the contrast of some light colors with dark accents (or the inverse.)


  1. Write From Karen

    LOLOL! Monkey Chesse?! I’d love to hear the story behind that one!
    Have an excellent weekend!

  2. ribbiticus

    funny soup! mine’s up! 😉

  3. Caylynn

    Nice feast! That’s an interesting soup. 😉 Have a great Friday. 🙂

  4. am

    monkey cheesee made me laugh out loud

  5. Danella

    Monkey cheese, how funny. Great feast.

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