Like I was saying....

Finally back!

We got back on Friday but I’ve been pretty steady at doing something since I’ve gotten back. Sometimes “doing something” means just hanging out with my wife and daughter, but I’ve not put an entry in the ole blog in quite a while. I really do want to write more than I already have. I don’t want to just put stuff up here so I can say I typed something, but just some more thoughts throughout the day.

Hopefully I’ll put up some of what we did on my mission trip last week, too. It was a great time (except from being away from wife/kid). But right now it’s nearly 2 in the morning after a long night at the church. I’m not sleepy right now, but pretty tired (does that make sense?) I didn’t get much sleep last week either and was up til 2 last night (this morning.) So I better at least go lay down and try to fall asleep.

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  1. yafreax

    (obligatory comment commencing in 5..4..3..2..1)

    Good to have you back blake

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