I’ve always enjoyed TV. But never let it rule me. But with life and meetings and family and work, I can’t seem to keep caught up on the shows I like to watch. So after taping Survivor during the college bible study at our house last night, I finally watched Survivor and finished Tuesday’s 2 hour long The Amazing Race. Then this morning I watched LOST. I recorded Invasion too, but I’ve missed a few of those, so it’s not a huge priority to see it. I’ve fallen so far behind on Alias I might just have to wait to rent the season. It comes on the same time as Survivor and I can’t record both at once. A few thoughts about them so far.

Survivor:: Bobby Jon’s out, but he made the jury. I thought Jamie was gone if he’d not won immunity. Then Gary found the other idol. So a few twists. Survivor is still my fave reality tv show. But it’s gotta pick up the next few weeks. The next 2 will just be picking off the minority tribe members. Not much fun tehre unless they win immunity.

The Amazing Race:: The entertaining Paulo Family left. I’m not sad for it. But the Weaver fam would have been okay to go as wel. They seem to ooze hypocracy sometimes for some reason. And those girls need to put on more clothes. They look like the just woke up from a sleepover. I never watched TAR until midway through last season. But I’m enjoying it a good bit.

LOST:: Shannon’s dead. Who did it? What happened to the other folks? Will Locke let Merry (or is it Pippen) know he knows about the heroine? Where’s Jack? Will Sawyer get back on his feet? Where’s Desmond? This is a great show. JJ Abrams is genius. No shark jumping here.

And did anyone see any of the Trading Spouses the other night. I caught the end of it on a recommendation. Crazy, HUGE “Christain” lady on there that brought a negative light on all things Jesus. More later.