Wow, I’d not run in a while, but then I get caught up in the “everyone else is going to run it too” so I jump in there. I have to admit that I figured I would have done better than I actually did. Last year I did it around 27 and a half minutes. This year I was a bout five minutes slower.

But I’m glad I did it. There is always that inspiration to do it more and more and get quicker and drop a few lbs too. But that motivation always seems to ebb and flow. I was thinking about this as I was getting dressed today. I always have these “Now is the time to get __________ done.” Whether it’s to work out more, or run more, or eat better, or get this project done, or read this stack of books or whatever. But then my motivation…well, I don’t know if it drops for that, or just gets reallocated towards something else. And sometimes something else is sitting on the couch or eating a bag of cookies or whatever.

But I’ll say here and now, that I’m going to be healthier. Whether it’s a change in diet or activity habits…it will come!