I remember telling yall a few months back about my new favorite television show. It was a show that I missed the first episode, but caught up quickly with my trusty VCR (what is TiVo?) and NBC.com. I wasn’t sure it’d hold me, but it ended up gripping me very tightly. To the point it rivaled LOST as my favorite show on television.

Friday Night Lights is a show about people who are closely connected to a high school football team. Read that again. It’s about people. Very real people. But it’s not about football. Yes, there’s lots of football in it. But it’s about the people. And I haven’t seen a more “real” portrayal of how people live, act, love, hate, relate, and everything else.

But sadly, it’s not getting good ratings. It gets awesome reviews. If every critic was a Nielson household, it’d be the #1 show around.

Season 2 starts tonight. I’m excited. I just heard a little about the first episode. And already…I’m surprised. Give it a shot. Everyone. Please.