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Free WiFi in Oxford, Mississippi

When I getting ready to move here I wondered where the free wireless internet spots were here in town. I’m still ferreting some of them out, but I couldn’t find a list of them anywhere on the internet. So I started asking around and doing some of my own investigation. I’ll make a list of place I know there is free wifi. I’ll update it as more are discovered:

  • Bottletree Bakery:  Just off The Square. (map) A really eclectic, snazzy bakery with good breakfast and lunch. It was actually featured on The Food Network and Oprah because of their pies.
  • San Francisco Bread Company: Jackson Avenue (map)
  • Pak Mail: Jackson Ave (map)
  • McAllisters: University Avenue (map) The restaurant that is pretty much like all the other McAllisters, yet this one was the first one.
  • High Point Coffee: North Lamar by The Square.
  • Purple Haze: North Lamar (map) Nice little shop with culture and groovy tunes.
  • Puddin Place Bed & Breakfast: University Avenue (map)
  • Kroger: University Ave (map)
  • Comfort Inn:  Jackson Ave (map)
  • Days Inn: Jackson Ave (map)
  • Proud Larry’s: South Lamar (map). You may have to ask them for access, but they’re cool about it.

Now please double check me on these. Sometimes I’ve found a signal, but then turns out you have to pay to surf (like McDonalds).  But I may have missed some or have been mistaken about a couple. If there is a correction or addition that needs to be made, leave a comment!


  1. Myra Jackson

    Hey Blake, Matt subscribes to your feed so I read occasionally. I think it’s so cool ya’ll are in Oxford, we have some VERY fond memories of that place! What a great place to live, except for the high housing market. Does your wife have e-mail? I’d love to catch back up with her.
    She can e-mail me at or check us out at

  2. jpf

    Most of the spots on campus have wifi. You need a student or faculty id to officially log in, but you can log in as a guest in most places, particularly the campus library and the law school.

  3. Drew Love

    If you have AT&T DSL at home then you get AT&T WIFI Basic free at location such as McDonalds, most airports/convention centers, Barnes & Noble, and soon to be Starbucks as they are switching from T-Mobile to AT&T this spring.

    AT&T WIFI in MS —

  4. Blake

    @Myra: Really good to hear from you. I think we'll enjoy Oxford a lot. Remember that we both worked here during our college summers. Yet a lot has changed since then (and a lot has stayed the same). I'll get her to email you.

    @jpf: I'll have to see if I can find any of the "guest log in" spots on campus. Thanks.

    @Drew: Didn't know about the AT&T stuff. I knew they had a deal w/ McDonalds but not the others. Good to see you the other day.

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