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Happy New Year!!!

Well, it’s the new year now. How does it feel? That’s something my dad always used to ask me on my birthdays, “Well, do you feel any older?” Today hasn’t really felt any different from last year yet. Or at least last month. I’ve not had to write a check yet, so I’ll need to practice my “05” for my checks.

We got back from BreakThru last night. Good camp. It was really fun and all. But it had been built up so huge for so long…but the church has a long time tradition of going there. Bad thing was The Wife got pretty sick while we were there. Nothing serious (we think) but enough to leave her in the room/bed for a while with a 6 week old while I take the 3 year old out to the regular camp stuff. Thankfully there were dozens of kids who loved on The Kid a lot.

That was a point of concern in our leaving our old church. The Kid had been born there and everyone from that church had almost helped to raise her. They loved her a lot and she them. Would the new church take her in is as readily? Would the new youth group play with her and love on her as much? I figured so, but you never know.

But no worries. She’s made so many new friends (teen friends) who think she’s pretty cool. It’s been fun to watch. This whole past month has been good. Tiring at times though. But like I said once earlier, you enter the whole situation wondering, “Will they think I’m cool or that I’m a dork?” I think it’s probably a mixture of both by now. But I’ve seemed to have been well received.

Now that it’s the new year and new semester and all that jazz….maybe before long we’ll begin to see a few changes in the youth ministry. Not sure exactly what at this point, but I really want to work more with the college students who are helping out with the youth ministry. They are such an asset right now. I want to see them be used more if possible. They seem so willing to serve.

We’re still living out of suitcases. Thankfully we can “live” normally this week. We’re house/dog sitting for some friends. It’s not IN my new city, but close enough. Already, having been here for barely 24 hours, it feels so good to have a space of our own. Not being cooped/cramped up in a room of a larger house. I know it’s only for a week. But it’s going to go good for us. Great news is that we’re going to have some financial help from our church to rent a place locally. That will be SUCH a blessing. The housing market seems to run in cycles and the Jan-Feb is the lowest point of the year supposedly. So it still may be a while on the sale of the house. So if you think of it, keep all that in prayer.

Bowl games are demanding to be watched. And new books for Christmas are needing to be read. Plus family stuff.

I won’t be such a stranger from now on….

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  1. rick

    blessings all over you & your family this new year 🙂

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