Like I was saying....

Here we go….

Well, I’d never even heard of a blog until I read this thread at Site Point Forums. Some looked okay, but some looked quite intriguing. I checked out Blogger and thought it was sorta cool, but thought the “bigger boys” of MovableType, GreyMatter, and b2 looked much better as a general rule. But they also looked a bugger to install. But later on I jumped back on the blogging wave as a result of a thread on the YS mailing list. After deciding to go with Moveable Type over (very strong looking) newcomer pMachine…here we are.

What sort of voice will the blog have? Will it focus on specific things, or anything goes? How personal will it be? Well, it’s still little more than an embryo…so it has lots of growing and maturing to do before it develops a recognizable personality. I hope you hang around with me to see how things go.


  1. dave

    I'm using movable type but strongly considering switching to pmachine. It's going to depend on what kind of improvements are in MovableType Pro when it comes out this summer.

  2. Blake

    What is making you consider jumping to pMachine? I'm just starting out with MT, but like I said, had given pM a strong look. What features are you looking for MT to get that would make you stay? What features of pM make you want to switch?

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