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Home at last

Well, we’ve actually been home since Friday afternoon. We left Wilmore Thursday afternoon for a quick jaunt into Lexington, and then we headed south to Nashville. We stayed the night at Greg and Angies (btw, that’s Greg’s pic that sometimes appears at the top of the blog, not me) to break up the drive home. After breakfast and all on Friday morning we left for home. The Kid slept the whole way and I drove the whole way. That meant The Wife either slept or talked to me. But it was an easy drive.

Got home, had a visit from our new 10 year old friend from next door’s back yard (long story), ran errands, mowed the yard, got supper, ate supper, watched Olympic opening ceremony.

Yesterday was The Wife’s 10 year high school reunion. I didn’t even want to go to my own 2 years ago. So imagine my enthusiasm about going to this one. Turned out not to be so bad. There were some husbands there who could talk some SEC basketball/football. Vandy, of all schools. We both suck at football right now with a hope of surprising some folks this year. And we both do pretty well at basketball. So it made for good conversation.

After hitting two bookstores we made it home to grill out. I went for the big, cheap steaks last night instead of the smaller, more expensive ones. Good flavor, a little tough though. The read to The Kid, put her to bed, and watched 13 Going On 30. We shoudn’t have rented it. We should have bought it. We’ve already seen it in the theater. Know we like it. Why waste a rental on it? It has good DVD extras too. AND….it had a preview saying that Seinfeld would be coming out on DVD soon.

Now it’s Sunday morning and I need to finished getting dressed.

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