Like I was saying....

Hunting white tail?

This story I heard about first on Jay Leno last night is, well, just plain laughable. For one, what self respecting lady would strip down to her running shoes to let men shoot at her with a paint gun, and two, what kinda lame-o men would pay $10K to shoot at them?


  1. giddy

    I think "barbaric" pretty much describes it.

  2. Darren Rowse

    bizarre…..people are sooo bizarre.

  3. yafreax

    actually probably no one pays 10K, it's thought to be a scam to draw attention to it to sell their videos… but the videos include females running around getting shot with paintballs, who knows yet wether people can really do this or just get the video…. but in any case, is there any self respecting woman that takes all her clothes off for ANY type of sexually perverse outlet?

  4. giddy

    And are there any self-respecting men who would engage in such an outlet?

  5. yafreax

    all men have are self-respecting 😀

  6. g

    😀 What???

  7. Sally's friend

    Hey! I checked on which is an urban legend reference page and discovered that this whole deal is in fact an URBAN LEGEND and is NOT true. Just a gimmick some people came up with to raise money. So there you go.
    Word to your mother,
    Sally's friend

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