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Eleven Reasons I Hate Winter

Do you hate winter? Maybe “hate” is a strong word. But still, there are days I really hate it.

This past summer it was hot. Really hot. People complained all around the South. But I never did. Yes, I got uncomfortable. Who didn’t? But I knew that come wintertime I’d be longing for the days where my clothes are plastered to me as sweat drips down my back. I’d yearn for sometimes having to take two showers a day.

i hate winter

But these are not those days.

So let me tell you the eleven reasons I hate winter.

  1. Scraping windshields. For some reason my truck will have ice on the windshield most winter mornings. Therefore I have to either grab a cd case and try to chip/scrape the stuff away, or crank the truck ahead of time to run the defrost at full blast. And the windows are always fogged up too.
  2. Static Electricity. I shock everyone and they shock me during winter months. And when I get out of a car I usually shock myself when shutting the door. Sometimes it’s funny. Usually it’s not.
  3. It’s dark all the time. It’s dark at 5pm now and that stinks. I love me some daylight saving time. I’m so glad we gained an extra two months or so of it. But I’d be willing to campaign for it being the US’s full time gig.
  4. It takes forever for my shower water to warm up. Who likes a cold shower?
  5. Getting out of the shower is brutal. And when we’re trying to get our kids to get a quick shower and they will not get out, or once they finally get out they decide they want to huddle there dripping wet holding a towel crying instead of drying off and putting on warm clothes.
  6. Exercising outside in winter is harder. Getting up earlier for a run, or an evening run can be miserable. So much easier to lay in bed or read a book or watch some Netflix. And don’t suggest a treadmill. Those things are miserable too.
  7. All this dry air makes for some miserable dry/itch skin and chapped lips. It probably has to do with the super hot showers I think I need to take too.
  8. Dressing my kids in cold weather is quadruple difficult. In the warm months, I just grab some shorts and a shirt for them. There’s a 80% chance they’ll match. And then a pair of flip-flops  But with winter months I have to have an undershirt, shirt/sweater/sweatshirt, jacket/coat, socks, shoes that need to be tied, and then maybe a hat of some kind. And then fitting this overstuffed kid into a car seat and trying to get the seatbelt adjusted for today’s wardrobe is a hassle. In the summer, I never have to adjust anything. Oh, and by mid-day you may need to redress the kids because they’ve warmed up.
  9. Windchill. In the summer you WANT the wind to blow. You welcome it. In the winter it makes terrible weather even more terrible. And if it’s a damp wind then the discomfort is exponentially worse. Summer breeze makes me feel fine. Winter breeze makes me shiver.
  10. My wife’s hands/feet. Now I like to snuggle, don’t get me wrong. But in the winter my wife’s bare feet literally feel like they have been walking in a winter wonderland for an afternoon. Hands too. And for some reason she thinks I’m the best way for them to warm up.
  11. Kids can’t play outside. Our kids love the outside. But getting dark earlier and being freezing cold means they’re inside continually asking “What can I do? There’s nothing to do!” We try to be creative with games or crafts or stuff like that, but options are fewer in the cold/dark months. My go to answer is usually “PUSHUPS” but they don’t think that’s funny anymore.
There are some things about winter that I like: Christmas music, occasional snow, hot chocolate, snow skiing, and maybe a few others if I think hard enough (bowl games!). But if you gave me the choice between being hot or cold, give me hot every day of the week. 

 What about you? Why do you love or hate winter?


    • Blake

      @RickCaffeinated Thanks, Rick. I might should add that to my Christmas list. But I actually have found that throwing a beach towel over my windshield at night works pretty well too. Just yank it off in the morning and throw it in the bed of the truck before I leave.

  1. TreyMcCain

    Funny @blakethompson. Get some long underwear and man up.

    • Blake

      Haha. Man up! I don’t think long underwear and cold weather make me a man. I actually still wear just a tshirt and a jacket most days even when it’s cold. I can handle it. I just don’t want to handle it. But I’m sure you’re a bit colder up there right now, huh?

  2. DebbyConway

    They make this great spray that clears windshields.  But you can’t keep it in your vehicle, and it will kill your kids if they touch it.  So, there’s reason #1b.  Don’t forget the depressing effects of everyone wearing dark colored clothes all the time, having some buildings overheated to the point where it feels like the Sahara, the choking feeling from turtlenecks, that annoying decision of running errands while freezing or locating your coat, and trying to wear your coat and hold a kid wearing their coat at the same time.  Cold drafts whistling under the doors, itchy wool socks and avoiding outdoor puddles.

    • StateDOG

      @DebbyConway Yes, Yes, and YES!
      But no to the turtlenecks. I haven’t worn one of those since high school.

  3. Conan

    Also can’t enjoy BBQ outside. Love BBQ

  4. Steve Spinks

    Sooooo….you’re blogging every 8 months and we’re supposed to just check in from time to time and see if you’ve written anything?

  5. Steve Spinks

    I like winter.

  6. Sam

    I LOVE Winter! The cold is lovely! Everything’s nice and Christmas time is just a last good thing really! I despise summer it’s too hot and All the annoying trends come into place.


    Me too. I hate winter at same time I love summer. Because I feel winter is too cold and too hard, looks dead everywhere unlike summer,besides doesn’t play my favorite MLB’s game.
    Why am I loving summer? Because I’m a summer baby (birthday is August 1 at Japan), lively everywhere, shining sun, can passing lightweight equipment, beautiful sunflower, cicada’s voice, oh, and plays my favorite MLB’s game too. So…
    Winter sucks!!! and…
    Summer rocks!!!

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