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iPod Disaster Story?

Well, Friday night I’d decided to get the iPod. The vast availability of accessories and integration with iTunes was the clincher. But by the time I get up Saturday I’d decided to get the Zen Vision:M. I figured I’d give it a shot and I had 30 days w/ the return policy at Circuit City. So I go to Circuit City w/ my gift card and a little extra money and can’t find the Zen Vision:M. So I get online there in the store and find out that they don’t carry it. And neither does Best Buy, CompUSA, or just about anywhere else…except Wal-Mart!

But a quick call lets me know that they’ve never even heard of it in the store. So I end up getting the iPod. Come home and after a quick trip to see Clinton win the 5A State Championship in soccer and then a supper with guests, I begin to load up my iTunes library.

I use iTunes for podcasts, but never had imported all my other songs before. So this takes forever and then it has to convert all my WMA files. So I go to bed. Wake up with over 2000 songs, sermons, podcasts, and a few random videos. So I do the big drag and drop and hop in the shower.

And I get out to a stupid error message. Now the whole blasted thing is locked up. And I have to go back to Circuit City to exchange it for another iPod (unless I end up asking for $$ back and trying to get the Zen online.)


  1. kevin

    What do you mean by “locked up” and have you attempted a soft reset (holding the center and menu buttons at the same time, for 5-20 seconds, until the unit resets)?

  2. Blake

    “Locked up” as in nothing will work now. Yeah, tried the soft reset. But nothing works. I hear it trying to work. But it just ends up flashing the URL on the screen. I tried to download the iPod Updater. It says I have the most current firmware, but when I try to reset/restore the factory settings on it, it either says it can’t find the iPod or that another program is using it.

    If I knew of a place that had the Zen locally, I’d get it tomorrow. But I bet I’ll try for the iPod again since I’ve got lots of friends who love theirs.

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