I like to have a neat journal. The paper and pen kind. The only problem is that I don’t use them consistently enough. I tried keeping an actual journal a few times and I still have those little spiral bound notebooks here and there. But I have plenty of notebooks scattered around drawers and closets with random stuff in them. Whether notes from college, notes from speakers at camps/conventions, to do lists, scores from a few games of Hearts.

A few months ago I found a new journal someone left in the youth room at church. It was brand spanking new. Not a mark in it. Something called a Mole Skin or something. Actually took it to a Bible study and showed it to a friend. He said, “I’ve been looking for that!” So I had to give it up. I figured them to be pretty expensive.

But today I won myself a Moleskine journal on eBay. Good for me. Now I will have my own little doodle, sketch, note, list, journal for whenever I need it. It was less than $10 (including shipping!). Not that it would ever take the place of blogging, but maybe it could be an idea emporium for future blogging posts!

Has anyone else used Moleskine and had a good experience w/ it?