Like I was saying....

Just to rest in His arms.

Sometimes after I’m in bed, and maybe I’ve fallen asleep already or I’m up reading or listening to something, I hear my 2 year old crying.

So I go in there and she’s usually just sitting up in bed and giving a sleepy cry. Now it’s sometimes hard to reason with a 2 year old when they’re wide awake. But try to have a conversation with one at 1am after she’s been asleep for a while…and it’s near impossible.

So after asking if she needs to potty or if she’s hurting somewhere and getting “No’s” to each of those questions, I ask “Do you want me to pick you up?” She squeaks out a “yes….” So I pick her up and she nestles into my chest and shoulder. She calms down and her breathing begins to regulate.

I’ll hold her and sway around a bit. Maybe walk through the house a little. But she is soon ready to lay back down. I guess it’s something about resting in you Daddy’s arms that is comforting. Soothing. More than comfortable.

I think I feel that need sometimes. But I’m wanting to just be able to crawl up into the arms of my Heavenly Father, nuzzle in, feel His arms around me and just rest and feel His presence.

That’s a need we all have. And it’s something that God wants us to feel the freedom to do.

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