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A letter to my 16 year old self

Emily had a really neat post yesterday. She wrote a letter to her 16 year old self. She invited others to give it a shot as well, so I figured it could be interesting. So here goes:

Dear, Blake,

Dude, you just finished your sophomore year of high school. The next two years are two of the most fun ever. Make sure to enjoy every minute of it.

Listen to Mr. Ortiz. Most everything he says is either wise or funny. It’s great when it’s a combo deal. And pay attention in class. You’ll want to use that Spanish later on. Trust me. Oh, and your senior year he will have something really, really important to share with you. Listen.

Invest in your friends. There are plenty of people you go to school with you’ll never hear from again. But there are some you will. And there will be some you wished you’d kept up with better. So invest in your friendships.

Don’t cuss like in some of that rap you listen to. It really isn’t as cool as you think. Watch the sarcasm. Make sure you know who appreciates it and who doesn’t.

Amory is a cool little city. But stretch yourself by looking outside of North Mississippi. There is tons more out there. Tons. Start looking at different time zones and different countries.

Do a ton of stuff with your youth group. You’ll grow from being there. But learn to grow on your own too. Ask Mr. Ortiz about it.

Spend a lot of time with your granddad. He loves you, but sometimes shows it in funny ways. Learn how to cook from him. He won’t be around forever. And when he passes, be there for your grandmother as much as you can. She’ll need you.

Go to some retreats at Camp Lake Stephens. Becoming familiar with the lay of the land will be beneficial at some point in your life.  And learn to enjoy sleeping outdoors. Without a tent. When it’s 80 degrees at night. Oh, and Oxford isn’t so bad.

Algebra might seem worthless to take right now. You may think you’ll never use it. You’re probably right. But study and do well anyway. It’s still good to learn those good study and preparation habits. You’ll use those habits in college (where you’ll take College Algebra and never use it either) and even when it comes to work.

Try not to frustrate your mom so much. She can’t help being over protective. And it’s all done in love. She really does adore you. Laugh even when she’s not funny.

You won’t know what you want to major in when you go to college. No worries. You won’t know what you want to do for quite a while. Just keep praying and asking God to prepare you for whatever He’s got in store.

You’re planning to work this summer to buy a camera, right? Never put it down after you get it. Love it and show your love of the world through it. Get better at it. Grow in it. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Spend time at your aunt & uncle’s in New Albany. They have a fantastic place. You can hunt, fish, camp, sleep really late, and eat lots of wild game there. Plus, they’re fantastic people.

Love your dad through every step of the way. Invest in your relationship with him. Let him know how much you love him. Even if he seems dorky. Make sure he knows.

Stretch and get limber. And then stretch some more. You won’t always be able to eat a log of cookie dough and not feel any effects.

Start journaling a lot. You’ll love to look back a week later, a month later, and especially years later. And it helps to get your thoughts in order. Put some of those pics you’re taking with your writing.

Listen to lots of music. Old, new, everything. Read tons of books. Bestsellers and classics. Watch lots of movies. And read the Bible as much as you can.

What sort of letter would you write to your 16 year old self?


  1. Jennifer

    Blake- I love this! I plan to do one of my own. I would tell myself many, many, things, including, read whatever books Blake is reading and discuss at length. That would have been fun.
    When can we all get together? Would it be hard for all of you to come here and eat one night? Let’s plan.

  2. g

    This is really cool. I’d write one to my 16-year-old self, but that self wouldn’t listen to much of anyone.

  3. Blake

    @Jennifer: Definitely we should come eat together soon. I’ll email you tomorrow. I think Drew still has my # too. We will be in a house by June in Oxford. Can’t wait for that! We’d love to have yall over there too when we get our stuff all moved in.

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