When I was in college, I would play the Long Distance Game where I’d switch to MCI from AT&T, then AT&T would call me back and offer me free hours of talk time or even money (AT&T once sent me a $100 check to switch back.) Then a few weeks later Sprint or MCI would call me back asking me to switch to them. It was at least half of a hassle, but I worked some good deals now and then.

When I look back, I realize I was still paying about 18 per minute, and I was thinking I was getting a good deal because I wasn’t paying a full quarter per minute. Anyway, times change, and people say you can save a lot of money by not going with the Big Three. Everyone’s calling habits and needs are different. But I offer you two sites to look at to find a cheaper calling rate/plan.

Check out Toll Chaser and Save On Phone.

Be sure to check out the details and whatnot out pretty closely. But I was able to find a LD provider where I got 3.something cents a minute both in and out of state, a free toll free number to my house at the same rates, and no montly fee, a calling card for 11 cents a minute as well. I’ve been with a provider I got from here for a while….but do your research.