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Make Poverty History?

I began seeing the little banners or stickers in the top corners of some websites about a month ago. But didn’t really do any research about it. But then all the Great 8 and Live 8 stuff started up. I began to see a little about the armbands. Thought about getting one, but never made any effort.

While I was down in Costa Rica I took my latest issue of Relevant Magazine. There was a short blurb about Make Poverty History and it got me to thinking again. I might want to get an armband. After getting back home I looked around the website (both Make Poverty History and ONE) and saw that yes indeed it is a great cause to stand behind. The numbers of people who are dying because of lack of nutrition and money and vaccinations and medical treatment is pretty astounding. So I ordered a writst band.

Then last night as Bev was coming to bed she asked me why I wanted to get one those wristbands, “was it just to look cool?” I was taken aback. What did she ask? Was I just trying to be cool or something? I started to ask her why she would ask something like that. But she said she just wondered why I wanted to wear an armband. Was I going to do anything personally to help the cause?

And even though I went to bed sort of agitated about it, I did think back to my feeling stuffed because I’d just eaten 3 poptarts while watching a movie. And began to try and think of what else I could do to help out instead of just saying, “that’s a good cause” and hoping something happens because of it.

I’m not saying I’m about to become a political activist or anything of that sort. But I do want to be more aware of what’s going on in the world around me. And any responsibilities I have as a Christian.

“To those who much is given, much is expected…” Jesus

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  1. Wes

    this article you wrote has some hidden profound stuff in it that relates to more than just world poverty. I like the question the wife asked about “are you just wanting that wrist band to look cool” she was probably referring how the kids like to wear the cancer yellow bands for fashion. anyway her comment made me think of all the Christians who wear the family book store t-shirts and fish on their minivans and the wrist bands in the WWJD type formats. lets go back to what the wife asked “are they wearing those to look cool at church or are they wearing them, “for the cause” how many people actually use those things as an in route to witnessing to someone or even mentioning Him in some way. it’s something worth pondering…i’ve seen alot of Jesus shirts in my day and even Jesus tatoo’s in the gym…i’ve never, ever been witnessed to or even had Church mentioned to me without me bringing it up first. “The Cause” indeed. Wes

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