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Mission Trip This Week

Back to Lizzie Cooper this week. It’s our youth trip to inner city Jackson. We’re visiting a pretty ghettolicious part of the city. A city that was recently named as one of the five most dangerous cities in the nation….IN THE NATION. I pray the Lord’s protection over us.

But we’re going down for some cleaning, some painting, some mowing, some porch building, and playing with the children from down there. They need love so much. I’m seeing rain in the forecast, but hopefully it won’t be too bad. She would like us to carry a load of kids back to Rapids on the Resivoir like we did last year. But I don’t think we’ll do that again. Last year was one of those “we made it through it and let’s never do it again”. We had about 13 of our teenage kids being responsible for about 50 small inner city children who never get out of the ‘Hood. They were wild, and we were thinking someone would drown before long.

But I think our hotel rooms are supposed to have high speed internet access, so maybe we’ll have some updates from down there.

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    God be with you.

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