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Mississippi Politics

Man, it’s sad.

Back through the summer, the only gubernatorial tv ads I saw were for the Republican Candidate Haley Barbour. They were mild. But his commercials talked about him. The way it should be, in my opinion. But I really didn’t see any from the incumbant. Just in the last 2 weeks I finally saw one then another from the incumbant, Ronnie Musgrove. But they were all about Barbour. They were mud slinging. Then w/in a day I saw Barbour ads about Musgrove. They were pointing fingers back and forth, non stop. There was a gubernatorial (everytime I hear that word, I think of “goober” which is what most MS Govs seem to be) debate on Monday, and the highlights on the news showed them trading verbal jabs as well.

Then last night I saw that Barbara Blackmon, a challenger for Lt. Gov, issued a challenge to the other two female candidates. She started out saying, “I’m a Christian [uh-oh…what’s coming next?] and I believe in the sanctity of life. I’m issuing a challenge to the other candidates to take an oath with risk of guilt by perjury that they have never had an abortion…”

Excuse me? What? Now this lady is really going deep. The incumbant called it one of the sleaziest political tactics ever in Mississippi politics (while denying having had an abortion). Blackmon still wants a signed statement. Sheesh!

Have Mississippi politics really sunk this low? No wonder people make fun of us everywhere…


  1. Steve

    So, what's wrong with what Blackmon said?

  2. Sally's friend

    What's wrong with what she said?
    a) its sleazy politics
    b) her voting record and particularly that of her party doesn't support her statement

    Other commment: Musgrove is an idiot.

  3. Steve

    You're right…just curious. I agree with the "other comment", but I don't think Barbor (sp) is a whole lot better.

  4. rick

    i've gotten to the point where i will not vote for the lesser of two evils. the fact that someone's running shows a devastating character flaw imho.

  5. steve

    Before I moved from New Orleans to MS, the last election for govenor pitted Edwin Edwards (a known and admitted crook who now is serving time) against David Duke (a grand dragon for the Klan). Talk about no choice. I didn't vote. I kind of feel like you, Rick, when it comes to choosing the "lesser of two evils". Its a bummer. The people of MS deserve better.

  6. Blake

    I just didn't like the way she prefaced her statements with "I'm a Christian…." then (to me) it set up her comments against her opponents as being pretty judgemental.

  7. Jeff Wright

    After having watched the live debate between
    Lt. Govenor Amy Tuck and challenger Barbara
    Blackman, I don't have to wonder who's right
    for that job between the two. All Blackmon
    knows to do is play kid game tactics; maybe
    that is as high as her intelligence level will
    allow her to go. I can't think of any one
    reason for me to vote for B. Blackmon.
    She's a joke for politics. Mississippi deserves
    much better than what she is capable of doing.

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