Yesterday morning my dad called and said he was thinking of coming down to see us. So he’s here now. And he’s here in one of the busier weekends of our schedule it seems. Yesterday there was a birthday party/egg hunt, then a Good Friday service (more on that later) and then there was a concert of local bands to benefit Don Barr’s mission trip to India this fall.

Today will be a church wide Easter egg hunt, then the race this evening. The Wife is running the 5K while I run with Addie on the one mile fun run. We’ll see how she does. Sometimes she loves it, sometimes she’s really hesitant. But I’m thinking she’ll do fine. Her age bracket is 0-5. So I figure there’ll be some 5 year old kids that can run much quicker than her. But I just want her to finish it well.

Tomorrow is a morning of THREE services. And I get the honor of having the children’s sermon on Easter Sunday. It’s like the biggest day in all of the calendar for a children’s time. So if anyone has any outstanding ideas to share w/ me before tomorrow, be sure to lay them out right here.

But Addie is loving my dad being here. She has always loved him. But it seems she’s taken to an extra attatchment this weekend. Here’s an older picture of the two of them.Old pic of Mac and Addie