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My last few days

Sorry to admit that there is not a group of pictures to show you, but the last few days have been a nice blur. But life has changed!

I am no longer an employee of FUMC Clinton. I ended employment there promptly at midnight on December 31st. Thirty seven months I spent there. It’s a great place to live and work.

But after spending January first w/o really a job (it was a national holiday and all), The Wife and I took the fam to Amory to visit the doctor. The Doc said that Baby #3 was coming along nicely. Next visit will mean a sonogram and a few pictures.

Then I went to Oxford to start work on the 3rd. It was not what will be my typical day: WalMart, Office Depot, lunch at Ajax Grill, Kroger, setting up office, moving furniture, meeting people, delivering children’s material, Guitar Hero III, cleaning out storage rooms, getting new phone service, unboxing books, freezing, taking cardboxes to recycling places….and a few things I’m forgetting.

But really, really looking forward to being there and hitting the ground running. Sunday should be really cool.

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  1. g

    “…unboxing books, freezing,…”

    Welcome back to the north half of the state! Don’t forget your coat and hat.

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