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New addition to the BlogRoll

While perusing the internet yesterday I came across a new blog called YouthTech. It’s written by Mickey Mellen who’s working at a UMC in Dothan, AL as both a Asst. Youth Minister and the Tech guy around the church. Mickey had helped me a while back on some Dreamweaver issues and I’ve seen his work in creating/developing the Christian Guitar website that is a fantastic resource for Christian musicians.

His site is still finding its feet, but looks like it’s going to be a very regular read of mine. I’m somewhat of a computer tech wannabe now and then, so I’ll be able to glean info from him and look smart around other people! Plus, he’s been posting a good bit about MediaShout so far and I’ve been cutting my teeth on that lately too.

Check out Mickey and Youth Tech….you won’t be disappointed.


  1. lj

    hey hey blake. unc and msu are in the same bracket. Looks like a showdown. Duke also there.

    Should be good.

  2. Andy

    Oh, I agree…they guy is great, and now he has a blog! I'm already loving it.

  3. Mickey

    A new blog, and I've already moved it. Now it's at:

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