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New addition to the family

Laddies and Gentlemen…meet Bishop Paxton Thompson (I think that will be his name)! This morning we went by some friends’ house and bought a dog from them. (You can click on the thumbnail above for slightly bigger pics) We had been talking about getting a dog for a while. Looked at some at a local flea market, nearly bought one, but backed down. I’ve heard some awful stories about pets bought from a flea market. But came to find out that some friends had the exact same breed of dog who’d just had puppies not too long ago.

After visiting a few times, we were pretty much decided on getting a dog from her…and we did today. Part of me wonders if it is a little early (it is just over 5 weeks old) to be grabbing a dog. Books I’ve read say it’s best to let them stay with their litter mates/mom until 7 weeks. But all the pups (there were six) were going to be gone this weekend anyway, so what did it matter? We were intent on getting a girl, but ended up with a guy when two of the three females were already gone, and the last girl’s coloring wasn’t as nice (is that shallow or what?). But anyway, here we are now with a new puppy!

Tonight should be interesting. I expect quite a bit of whining and all. Hopefully the dog will do better than I expect. Now my prayers are for my daughter…or maybe I should pray for the dog’s safety. She thinks he’s a splendid cross between a stuffed animal and a Gumby “bend-it-like-you-want-it” type of toy.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about him later.


  1. g

    In the photo of your daughter and Pax, I see his "rescue me" look.

  2. yafreax

    that's awesome dude. … my sis and bro-in-law bought a puppy cute and cuddly like this one… never learned not to relieve himself everywhere and chewed up every corner in the house… eventually they put him to sleep… i'd have done it for less then the vet did…

    anyway, cute dog.

  3. Blake

    He's not really started the chewing yet, and seems to do okay with the not pooping/peeing in the house as long as we provide him opportunity often enough. We'll see. We've gotten some books on pups too.

  4. yafreax

    if all else fails, they make good appetizers

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