Of course we, as flawed people, always recognize the need to start over on somethings. But I think sometimes the actual change is intimidating. But after some both busy and quiet times to myself, I’ve decided there are a few things that need some new beginnings and a few that just need to get started. Maybe if I put them here for all to read (is there really an “all” that reads this?) then I’ll be more likely to do so. And feel free to keep me accountable.

MissSportsTalk.com:  My little hobby that started on a whim back in 2002 has grown. It has grown to the point that I need to start putting some extra effort into it and putting in place some ways for it to be self supporting. My first hosting bill was a $15/year plan that was perfect for a while. But my needs grew. And they’ve continued to grow. So much that I think I’m in need of a Virtual Private Server that is a good bit more per month than I’m paying (all out of my pocket) right now.

But I think I have a few possibilities as to how I’m going to do it. It’s going to take an upgrade in the software, which will mean an update in the skin. But then I’ll most likely use phpAdsNew. But I look to get some Mississippi advertisers to place a few ads on there to be able to support the server cost and maybe put a little extra $$ in my pocket if possible.

Running/Exercising: Yeah, yeah. There is always no time like the present to start a new exercise routine, huh? But I think I’ve found a new running partner. My wife would always be ahead of me on the ability scale, so her pace was always quicker than mine. But my 4 year old is my new running partner. Today we ran around the outside loop of our neighborhood. That’s about a mile. She did the whole thing w/o stopping. Then she hopped in the stoller and we did it a 2nd time…but it was The Wife pushing. Not me.

But I think that now is the time for a real exercise plan. There have been days that I’ve more than recognized I needed to watch what I eat and spend some time on the road or in the gym. And there have been days I’ve thought I could stand to lose a few pounds. But this past weekend, I actually began to think I was fat. It was depressing.

Talk Series: I’m planning on starting two new series at youth before school lets out. One will be called The Amazing Race and talk about our journey with God. I’m thinking it will be split up like Preparing For The Race, Running The Race, and Finishing The Race. Might try to get a few teams of students together to actually do a mini-amazing-race like the television show. I want a video camera with each team and put together a cool video of it all as well.
The other one will be on dating or relationships. But I want to have some questions to ask a handful of couples in our church, video their answers, and then edit it together to show. This would be a 2 or 3 part series. I’ve been playing with some demos of video editing packages. Looking to get one in the next month or so.
But I think series talks are good. They bring some continuity together, and you can plan for it, and people can know what to expect as well. Last night we talked about Samson some, and will be looking at him again next week. But I got a text message today from a student that said last night was good and they enjoy learning about OT people.