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Playstation III Campers

Was at Target tonight. There were people starting to camp out. Had tents set up and everything. My wife was asking what those crazy people were doing. I told her it was to be first in line to buy the Playstation 3. I thought it would go on sale at midnight. But a lady in Target said that they were closing in 30 minutes at 9pm. The people would have to wait out there til 8am tomorrow.

I know we live in Mississippi, but it was COLD out there. One store over, at Best Buy, there was a huge group standing in the parking lot w/ sleeping bags and such. I guess they were having to wait til closing time before they could set up camp on the sidewalk.

Crazy people….


  1. Chris Baker

    Its amazing what people do!!! Then again I am one of them. For each of the Lord of Rings movies a couple of my buddies and I got up at 6 in the morning and went to the theater to wait till noon time for them to open – mind you I live in the North east and December time it can get crazy cold up here. Thank goodness those movies were awesome and worth the wait. When Chronicles of Narnia came out, same group of friends when to the theater at like 7 AM and it had snowed the night before – like 6 + inches of snow. We were the only ones there till about 11 o’clock. Were crazy.

  2. Blake

    I have gone to movies at midnight showings just for fun. But not waited outside for hours.

    But I did start thinking that I camped out TWICE to be one of the first in line to get good seats for Mississippi State basketball games. Those were the days! I guess it’s all about priorities, huh?

  3. Wes

    my buddy mark (mounties in the florida heat league and fleaflicker) and his wife started their campout on wed. night in the WV cold and stayed until the store opened with only 12 machines to be sold on friday morning. he got one and his wife got one(not sure that sort of thing was in their wedding vows, not sure how he talked her into doing that, maybe that is why he is a motivational speaker) anyway, he got one for himself and one to sell. he also has a Wii, but not kids, go figure. I would love to get the Wii for my kids…lots of kids games and the new active controller looks so fun, plus the online game bundles is a great idea. Next Christmas that will be under my tree for my boys. This year they want the Nintendo DS lite’s so i got one for each of them. now if i only had some money left over to get the wife something. hope she likes vienna sausages…i got her a year supply, the gift that keeps on giving.

  4. Blake

    Wes: TWO nights in the WV cold? Man, she must really, really love him! How much did he get for the one he sold? I’ve not played the Wii yet, and to be honest, didn’t think I’d like it. But talked to a couple of people who have…they said it’s awesome. And you sound like Cousin Eddie.

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