Like I was saying....

Read a book. Get a camera?

I have a problem with books. I like to get them and read the covers and buy them and then get another before finishing the first one. So I have scores of good books that I’ve read some or most of, but not all of.

The other day The Wife needed me to order her some books for her small group she leads. Of course if you use you get free shipping if your order is over $25.00. Her order was $24 and some change. So I, being the frugal husband that I am, wanted to save on shipping. So I bought myself (another) book to get free shipping.

When the lovely box came in, The Wife saw my book in there as well. “You need another book?” I promptly explained the issue of shipping costs, free books, and my frugality. With a furrowed brow she mumbled something like “Okay…”

That night, as we were reading in bed, I had my new book in hand. There are not many things like a crisp new book to look down upon. It’s so different from the ones that your kids have jumped on, broken the spine, spilled milk on, and gotten stuffed in backpacks and gotten all scuffed. The Wife looked at it and said, “Read only that one.”  “Huh?” I said. She challenged me to read this one and this one alone until I finished it.

Always looking for a challenge, I said, “And what will I get?”

“What do you want?” she asked. Without needing a lot of time to think I answered, “The new camera I’ve been talking about!”  “Okay,” she says. “If you finish the book in a reasonable amount of time, you can can get your camera.”

I wanted her to define a reasonable amount of time. She said two weeks. HA! I said I could have it finished before she woke up with that carrot hanging in front of me. I didn’t finish it by morning. But easily w/in the week. [btw, it’s a good book. I’ll describe it later.]

So I said to The Wife, “Wifey, I guess it’s time to cash in on my reward.” Then she tries to play the surprised look. “What do you mean?” So I go through the whole recap of our conversation. And she acted like she’d never heard that conversation before.  Can you believe it?

So now I guess I have to read another book before I get to get my paws on a new camera.  Right, honey? (I know she’s gonna read this…)


  1. j-dub

    man… you punked…

  2. g

    You read the book; order the camera. Want to sell your old camera?

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