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Shrek 2

Good movie. Kids like it, but lots of jokes pass over their heads. To be honest, I thought it was a little more family friendly than the first one. But the first one was probably over the kids heads a lot..the parts that were blatent innuendos.

Lots of people have said they liked it better than the first one. I’m not so sure. But it’s worth seeing, none the less.

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  1. lj

    My wife and I saw it last night. There were a lot of kids in there that laughed beyond the joke, meaning they didn't know what they were laughing at. I don't really think it's much of a family film, depending on the ages of the kids. Not that it's bad, just that as you said, too much over their heads.

    The first one was more of the love story fairy tale spoof. This one was more of Meet the Parents spoof. Which one is better? Not sure. There were no expectations for part I. It took everyone by surprise. I think a lot of the spoofs in 2 were also more subtle than the first (posters, signs in the background, etc.) "Sir Justin"
    I plan to think through it and post on my blog. My favorite part was the "chasing the white bronco" and cops spoof. "That's not mine, I was holding it for a friend."
    Overall a good movie. Worth the money.

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