Like I was saying....

"Strong chance"

There are reports everywhere on the news now that maybe Saddam is dead. I’d heard this on the radio this morning and wondered if Bush were to find out that Saddam and his two sons were all dead from the bombs and what not, would that be the end of the war? I mean, what truely is his objective in this war. Is it #1 to kill Saddam? Sure, liberate the Iraqi people, blah blah blah. But is that accomplished by the death of Saddam or or there other measures still needed?

We’ll see….


  1. yafreax

    sure, it would end the war if the rest of the elite republican gaurd or whatever stopped fighting… but we cant exactly liberate the iraqi people if we're gettin shot at can we?

    I do think it'll be over soon though… funny how all the anti-war countries want to jump in and help in the rebuilding process… hmm, i dunno kinda makes it seem like they're just in it for the money.

  2. Rhonda

    This war, in a way, has been going on for almost twelve years now since the first one started. I don't think that it will be as simple as removing one man from the country by whatever means he is removed. Should it be proven that Saddam is dead, the hardest thing is going to be assembling a government that, while on the surface is better, does not treat the Iraqi people the same as they are treated now. Remember Germany and it's people after World War II. In the rush to help, a divided country, half a dictatorship, was created. A divided Iraq, under the control of many, will add to the instability of an already volitile area. There are no easy solutions. I just pray that all people on all sides will soon find peace—SOON!

  3. Blake

    And our guys better hope they find some WOMD too, or there will be some backlash.

  4. yafreax

    i think we've found enough chemical plants and illegal weapons to at least dodge the WOMD thing, but yeah, it'd be a lot better if we did

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