It’s time for the bullets:

  • I’m currently giving Benjamin Button a second shot. Didn’t finish it the first time. It was a slow starter for sure. But people tell me that if you give it a shot it will be really good.
  • The new dog likes to make lots of noise at night. My wife can’t wait out the crying, so she puts the dog in bed with us. That’s just trouble.
  • Went back to Amory today for Mother’s Day. It was good to see some family. But couldn’t get a milk shake at Dairy Kreme. Drat!
  • It’s rained every day for the last week it seems. Some hate it. I don’t mind it. But I do wish my yard would dry out.
  • MSU took two of three from Ole Miss this weekend. That’s right, the HUGE underdog upset the #7 team in the country.  Maybe this means better things are ahead. We’ll see.
  • This past Friday my wife and I celebrated our TENTH year anniversary. TEN years is a long time to me. And it makes me look in awe at marriages that are 40 and 50 years strong. I look forward to our 50th year.
  • Our church, The Orchard, moved from The Powerhouse to The AMP last week. Today was our 2nd Sunday in there. A near packed house again. Good energy. Good Biblical truths shared. I think we’re going to like it in there.
  • Graduation was yesterday at Ole Miss. That means the roads, restaurants, and WalMart will be less crowded starting this week and lasting the summer. Oh, and easier to find parking spaces!

That’s about it. Expect a cool video to be posted tomorrow!