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Rachel admitted on her blog that she’s looking forward to the Auzzie Version of Big Brother. I’ve not really watched Big Brother all the way through even once, but I must say that I’ve been a fan of Survivor. A good friend told me about it before it ever came on and I was intrigued by it. When I finally started watching it, the tribes had already merged. But I stuck with it.

Survivor was moved to Thursday the next go round and took on Prime Time Champ Friends…and won a few nights too. I must admit that sometimes the stuff on Survivor gets a little racey, but it’s good entertainment. It puts a handful of people in an environment where they make friends but want the One Million Big Ones too, so they are lots of times torn between friendships and playing the game to win.

Punk’d, on the other hand, doesn’t have much socially redeeming value, but I gotta tell you it makes me laugh. Thank goodness for the bleeps! But it is interesting seeing “stars” who are touted sometimes as solid Christians dropping the F-Bomb a few times.


  1. giddy

    Gosh! For a few seconds there I thought I was seeing double, but then I noticed the two different posting times. Whew!

  2. Jay

    It does make you kind of giddy looking at the two…

  3. Blake

    Fixed it. Sorry for the probs….heh heh.

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