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Seven things to do before I die:
1) Snow Ski at Whistler/Blackcomb
2) See my grandchildren graduate
3) Get season tickets for MSU’s football, basketball, baseball
4) Go on a one year mission trip
5) Hear God speak daily
6) Visit England and New Zealand
7) Have a swimming pool

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1) Touch my toes
2) Keep a straight face when I get in trouble
3) Eat Coconut
4) Go to sleep on time
5) Be an Ole Miss fan
6) Skip Breakfast
7) Sleep Late

Seven Things That Attract Me to My Mate:
1) She loves me even when I’m grumpy
2) She is the best snuggler ever
3) She is a fantastic mom
4) She loves to pray for me
5) The glimmer in her eyes
6) Her laugh when she makes fun of me
7) Really listens when I really talk

Seven Things I Say:
1) …and what not.
2) Have you heard of podcasting?
3) Right on!
4) Later.
5) I’ve only read the first half of it.
6) Have I told you this already?
7) I’ll get to it tomorrow.

Seven People Tagged:
1) Brad
2) Jeremy
3) Kevin
4) Chris
5) Tim
6) Russ
7) Lyle


  1. kevin

    my answers

  2. Chris Marsden

    Your links above bring you back here. I will think about these some and post a little later.

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