We were in Target last Saturday. Looking around. Went down the One Dollar aisle. Saw some things that might be worth a dollar. Then I found a cd with scary sounds. Said it had moans and chains and doors creaking and heartbeats and spooky laughter. All that good stuff. And a scary face was on the front. I wanted to get it. Bev thought it was pointless. But it was only a dollar. So why not.

Bev was afraid it’d scare Addie. But she actually held onto the cd the whole time in the cart. Seems she was both drawn to it and scared of it. I can relate. Sorta like when I used to like going to haunted houses and all growing up. But we got home and she wanted me to put it in the stereo. I did. She ran from the room. I turned it off. She came back and told me to turn it back on. I reached for the stereo and she left again. Oh well.

But now she wants to sleep w/ a light on somewhere. And told Bev that she had scary dreams of things grabbing her and a witch. There was no witch anywhere on the cd. But Bev says it’s because of that stupid cd. Who knows.

But there will be some interesting decisions to be made in the next handful of days. Halloween has been something we’ve skillfully avoided the last couple of years. But it’s going to be decision time. Do we let Addie go get some candy dressed up in a costume? Is it participating in an evil holiday? Or is it like eating meat sacrificed to idols?

More to come later this weekend I think.